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Nahanni River Adventures

Situated in a mountainous landscape and flowing through Canada’s deepest river canyons, the Nahanni is so unique that it was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. Nahanni River Adventures remains passionate about the Nahanni and the other rivers that they tour and the land through which they flow, ensuring the richest experiences and stories possible when you travel.

La Promotion

Are you down for an adventure of a lifetime? Paddle, hike, and camp in Canada’s deepest river canyons

Les Détails

Boom, right away, the journey begins with a spectacular float plane flight through the Mackenzie Mountains to Virginia Falls, nearly twice the height of Niagara. Feast your eyes on majestic canyons, fun whitewater, and campsites with killer views. Qualified, friendly guides will show you the way and show off their culinary skills as wilderness chefs. You’ll hike to the canyon rim for Instagram-worthy panoramic vistas and wildflower meadows. Pepper the stories of your adventure with names like Headless Creek, Deadman Valley, and Funeral Range.



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