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Memories Of Saskatoon With TV Host Camille DG

Meet Camille DG, a globetrotting-entrepreneur who loves travel, sports and fashion. Not only is Camille the  CEO of @Codmorse & @bloglecahier, she is also the host of the show Libre Service which airs on MAtv. We caught up with Camille to reminisce about her time spent in Saskatoon with #FarAndWide this past summer. Read about her best memories from her trip to the Paris of the Prairies below…

Saskatoon… so many memories! I had so much fun in just three short days. By looking at the pictures from this segment for the filming of Far And Wide, there’s one thing that stands out: it seems that I’m doing nothing but laughing the whole time! And that’s a good sign.


Saskatoon. Honestly. I wasn’t expecting anything. I didn’t know anything about this small city. I arrived full of energy because I love films that have me travelling. Quite simply. I couldn’t wait.

I returned to Montreal with my head full of memories and magical little moments. In Saskatoon, I found friendly people with a small town spirit in a big city: everyone seems to know each other there! This made me want to stay because I immediately felt that I fit in.

I’ll always remember that Saskatoon is a place where you can go paddle boarding on the river, right in the middle of town, while feeling like you’re in the country because you can barely see the buildings. I’ll remember that the young people are trying to revitalize their city through trendy businesses like juice bars or restaurants that grow their products in front of the owners’ home.

Saskatoon is a place where you can SUP on the river, right in the middle of the city, while feeling like you’re in the country because you can barely see the buildings.


But above all, I left Saskatoon with two friends: Ricky and Cole, two guys who grew up there and who let me experience the city through their eyes and their circle of friends!

You often get the feeling that the centre of Canada is forgotten (in Montreal, at least), between the Rockies and Ontario… we fly over it to go to Vancouver but we don’t stop in between (except if you’re crossing the country by bike). We should, however, do it more often and discover provinces like Saskatchewan, with all its lakes for all the good times!

I can’t wait to go back! Plus, my friends and I now call Saskatoon… sexy Saskatoon!

Want to visit Camille’s favourite spots in Saskatoon? Check them out here:

Favourite Resturant: The Hollows
Favourite Experience: SUP on the river
Favourite Sight: The skyline from the top of the Delta Bessborough hotel
Favourite Memory: Meeting amazing people like Ricky
Favourite Coffee: Drift Café

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