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Make History At Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School

You don’t have to wear a pair of mukluks or moccasins to appreciate their beauty, but spending 20+ hours crafting a pair of your own at the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School will certainly make you appreciate the hard work, dedication and history behind them.

The Manitobah Mulkuks Storyboot School is a non-profit, national indigenous artisan-run program (made possible through the support of the TreadRight Foundation) that seeks to showcase and teach the art of mukluk-making to aboriginal youth and non-aboriginal visitors in the hopes of preserving the tradition for generations to come. The classes, which run until June 2017, are held in Toronto at The Bata Shoe Museum and are taught by two indigenous artisans who learned the craft from their ancestors.

We recently had a chance to visit the museum for a ‘crash course’ on moccasin-making and got to chat with Waneek Horn Miller, the school’s director. Watch the video below to learn more about the Storyboot school, and the art and history behind traditional mukluk and moccasin making.

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