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5 Ways To Get Your Zen On In Nova Scotia

Kayak to a secluded beach for a private yoga class with Cape LaHave Adventures GIF: Sasha Barkans

Kayak to a secluded beach for a private yoga class with Cape LaHave Adventures GIF: Sasha Barkans

This year we challenge you to spend one day a week disconnected from technology. We’re talking turning your phone on airplane mode, turning off your computer and putting your headphones away. Spend the day with yourself and enjoy how refreshed you feel after a day spent enjoying life offline. From kayaking to yoga on a secluded beach and having a solo picnic in the park while reading a new book there are endless ways to disconnect to reconnect with yourself in nature.

Check out our top five ways to get your zen on in Nova Scotia below.


Join a Cape LaHave Adventure Kayak & Yoga trip


One of our favourite activities is the kayak and yoga tour with Cape LaHave adventures. Join guide Sarah as she teaches you how to kayak and guides you through calm waters to a secluded beach where she teaches a private yoga class in the middle of nowhere. After yoga, Sarah has hot tea and snacks waiting to be enjoyed while sitting on the beach taking in the sights of Nova Scotia.


Grab lunch to go at LaHave Bakery

LaHave Bakery is a magical building located on the LaHave river. Not only is there an amazing bakery in the first floor there is also an indoor skate bowl and skate shop called Homegrown Skateboards alongside an art gallery and music venue. Head to LaHave Bakery and grab lunch to go to have yourself a solo picnic in Getson Cove.


Head to The Last Word and buy a new book

When is the last time you read a book? A real book not an audiobook or on a kindle? If you don’t remember, then this is specifically for you. Go to The Last Word bookstore and pick up a new/used book. If you need some suggestions some of our favourite books right now are Golden Spruce, Still Life With Woodpecker and Memoirs Of A Polar Bear.


Walk around the Old Town Lunenburg, UNESCO World Heritage Site

 There is nothing better than getting a hot cup of coffee and exploring a new zone. Why not stop at LaHave Bakery for a coffee and then go for a walk around Old Town Lunenburg.


Listen to live music at The Press Gang

Finish off your day of zen by zoning out listening to live jazz music at The Press Gang. Come here on a Friday or Saturday night for some cool jazz and fresh oysters in this rustic 18th-century space.

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