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A Hot Summer Date Floating Over Edmonton

If Friday night dinners or Sundays at the movies are starting to become the status quo in your dating life, maybe it’s time to consider a hot air balloon ride in Edmonton, Alberta.



Driving through the gorgeous prairies and foothills of surrounding Edmonton is a cool experience that should be done at least once in one’s lifetime. But viewing the rolling hills and vast plains from 1,000 feet in the sky, within the perch of a hot air balloon, blows the driving experience away… literally and figuratively.


Moving mostly with the breeze and wind, your pilot will guide you high above the Alberta countryside for around an hour while the sun begins to set. The flight path will take you above Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River valley and provide an unparalleled skyline view of downtown Edmonton, so be sure to bring your camera.

You can bring a snack and simply relax in the sky while enjoying the sensation of being lighter than air.  And, if a hot air balloon ride wasn’t swanky enough, your ride ends with a toast of champagne.


Explore Edmonton By Land After Seeing It From The Sky

Having seen Edmonton and surrounding area by sky, it makes sense to see a bit of the city by land. Cap off your day of adventure with dinner at one of Edmonton’s legendary indie-restaurants like Corso 32, RGE RD, or Bar Clementine. Each of these restaurants uses local ingredients and serves up creative and modern dishes that pair perfectly with reminiscing about your favourite landscapes and sights from the flight.

Everything You Need To Know To Go

What: A hot air balloon flight over Edmonton and surrounding area.

When: Hot air balloon rides are offered from May until October. Flights take place at sunrise or two hours prior to sunset. As such, flight times vary depending on the time of the year you schedule your flight.

Duration: The flights are approximately 1 hour long. Plan for additional time for check-in, travel to and from launch and landing locations, safety briefs, setup, and packing.

What To Bring: You’re only able to fly when the weather permits it. As such, you typically don’t have to be concerned about rain, visibility, light, winds, or storms. Wear comfortable footwear that allows you to move quickly (no sandals) and a light jacket.

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