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We Ate All The Weird Food At The 2017 CNE


If you needed further confirmation that summer in the city is coming to an end, here it is—the CNE opens this Friday. Every year, summer’s last hurrah takes its form as the Canadian National Exhibition, the annual fair in Toronto that’s full of fried food and other fun festivities.

There’s rides, midway games and other exciting attractions (not to mention a brand spankin’ new Instagram-ready CNE sign), but what draws the biggest crowds is the insane offering of fair food. Each year brings new culinary contenders vying for the title of most outrageous item.

So to save you the trouble, we went to the CNE and ate the most daring dishes—mostly so you won’t have to. Watch below to see our staff take on cod tongues, frog legs and strawberry shortcake Philly cheesesteaks.


Everything You Need To Know To Go 

What: Canadian National Exhibition

When: August 18-September 4

Where: Exhibition Place in Toronto. Directions here.

How Much: General admission starts at $19, but The Ex also offers a $8 after 5pm rate each Monday to Thursday. Get tickets here.

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