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9 Ways To Celebrate Canada Day

Canada Day is one of the best days of the year. Beyond it being a holiday, there are a million ways to celebrate: Fireworks, a day at the beach, a BBQ, etc. But all that stuff is, well, pretty cliche. We caught up with Canadian Olympian and MUCH Creator, Alex Duckworth, to get some suggestions on how one could go about celebrating Canada’s big day. If reading and laughing at GIFs isn’t your thing, check out the full video here.

1. Wave a Canadian Flag


2. Wear a Canadian tuxedo.


3. Eat a traditional Canadian meal.


4. Take some maple syrup shots…or mini mugs.


5. Play a game invented in Canada.


6. Catch a fish.


7. Say sorry to everyone.


8. Order a double-double at Tim’s.


9. Decorate your face…or lower back.


Alex is part of the Much Digital Studios, check out the full video from Canada Day and more of her content here.

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